Penny goes home for good…

Penny goes home...
See slideshow of Penny and Kevin’s last hours together

A flight cancellation on Friday gave Penny and me two extra days to spend with each other. The time has finally come and in a few hours, she will be heading home to Singapore for good. My studies will be keeping me here in Buffalo for a while, but I hope I can get everything done asap so I can be with her again.

There are two possible scenarios to this:
1. I will go into shock once I realize she’s really gone and breakdown into complete and utter silence.
2. I will become stronger realizing that I have to keep myself busy to distract myself from loneliness.

I hate being alone. I’m going for option 2.

7 thoughts on “Penny goes home for good…

  1. Awww, you lovebirds look so sweet together! This photo reminds me of one of us when Ed had to go back to Holland and we took a shot like this too in the airport.

    I hope everything works out for you two in the future, so you can be together again soon wherever your careers take you… but for right now, remember that distance doesn’t matter when you have high-speed internet and iSights! Well, the time difference won’t be good, but still 🙂

    You both are some of the nicest people we’ve met recently and I’m glad we got a chance to cross paths… good luck to you both with your studies/jobs etc!!

    All the best!
    – from Ed & Dee.

  2. Kevin 🙂 You will be ok 😀 Distance and time apart will make the heart fonder. and when you look back, suddenly this period of time won’t seem as long as you thought of it to be. 🙂

  3. yo bro,

    watever you goin thru rite nw is temp, set ur sight afar, knowin ‘dat the comin’ near future (which is very soon) you guys will b together 4ever! Meantime, “Be a man” – tag from Russell Peter. Heee…

    Enjoy tis moment, knowin something great gonna happen when the moment when u reunited with Penny.

    *scan urself and email to her whenever u’re free, since techno is so so so advance…

    God bless,

  4. Hey kev… i was out the whole weekend didn’t have a chance to read your post.. good luck with you man.. like my dad said when kelly have to leave the US.. it will be a negative reenforcement to get outta CGU also.. 🙁
    good luck man

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