Where in the world are IM users?

Meebo Map

The fine folks at Meebo have started to showcase some of the interesting data they’ve collected on their Instant Messenging (IM) users. Being web-based and multi-protocol (i.e. AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo!), it’s no surprise that they are popular enough to be openly researched by Yahoo, possibly for aquisition real soon (See the $150 Meebo usability study). The fact that Meebo needs no software installation makes it more pervasive than desktop-based IM applications.

As seen on their Meeblog, the map above shows where IMs have been sent or received through meebo and is updated every 15 minutes. User locations are approximately determined by IP address. Lighter dots represent areas with low IM activitiy while red dots show areas with lots of IMs (i.e. tens of thousands).

It’s definitely interesting to see the backend of things we might use everyday. As a measure of Meebo’s growth and scalability, here’s a snapshot of some of their recent statistics:

network logins / day: 915,000
meebo logins / day: 655,000
messages sent + received / day: 42,000,000
peak simultaneous users: 43,300
unique users / month: 2,500,000

I wonder how the newer web-based IM services are fairing… more have started to pop out in the last two months. If you’ve tried the other ones, let me know how your experience went.

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