What Digg users Love and Hate according to Google

What Digg users Love and Hate

Through the clever use of Google search [“i hate *” site:digg.com], Philipp Kenssen tells us all about the likes and dislikes of Diggers.

Some of my favorite Digg user dislikes include:

  • Suckdot – because the asshole staff that declines to post your submission, but some jackass a day later posts what you did and it gets accepted
  • DRM – the assumption that if something is downloaded and watched instead of purchased that it’s a lost sale
  • Blatant self-promotors on digg (Ed: learn to less blatant!)

While some useless bits of results were obviously discarded, what can we learn from this?
That most Digg users can’t spell nor do grammer for nuts. Perhaps we could blame it on our expectation of speed (i.e. first to Digg, comment, etc), that everything else starts to fly into shitland. Is our generation being less accountable to the words we type or the things we say?

Anyway, it’d be neat if we could perform content analysis on Digg comments. Perhaps it’d be useful as adding a second deeper dimension to the Diggability (+ve / -ve) of a submission.

BTW: You can find out what someone hates by replacing the search term with that person’s blog address in the appropriate place [“i hate *” site:appropriateplace.com]