The Daily Show explains “Net Neutrality”

Jon Stewart and John Hodgman discuss “Net Neutrality” and the fact that the internet is not a big truck, but the “tubes” part maybe right. Watch Jon try to get Hodgman to tell us what kind of computer he is (hee hee!). Anyway, take this video as a primer on the ongoing politics of the Internet.

Aside: On my daily playlist is The Daily Show with Jon Steward, The Colbert Report, and just today I started watching The ZeFrank Show videocast. Intellectual riots!

3 thoughts on “The Daily Show explains “Net Neutrality”

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Oh yeah, John Hodgman is the “PC” in the Apple advertisements recently. Well, I had a good laugh listening to Ted Stevens’ comments on the net as a “series of tubes” in Jon Stewart’s show.

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