Gizmo Project makes International Calls Free

Gizmo Project on Nokia 770
Gizmo Project running on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet by postneo

As seen on MacCentral today, you can now make free international calls to landlines and mobile phones using Gizmo Project! While Skype currently lets you call certain countries on particular weekends, Gizmo Project has really upped the ante with this latest promotion.

As it stands, this means that the receiving party can be out and about to receive the call on his/her mobile while the caller has to be at the computer to make the call via Gizmo Project. If you want a completely mobile (computer-less) solution with a ridiculous rate of US$1/week (+ local charges), check out RebTel which I spoke about last week.

As MacCentral’s Peter Cohen reports:

SIPphone on Thursday announced that users of Gizmo Project — its Mac-compatible Voice over IP (VoIP) communication service — can now place free calls to landlines and mobile phones in 60 countries. Signing up for Gizmo Project is free.

There are some restrictions: The service’s free access to mobile lines and landlines depends on the country — Canada, United States, Hong Kong, South Korea, China and others are on the list of countries where you can place free calls to landlines and mobiles; others, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Japan are free only for landline calls.

What’s more, users need to attain “active status,” according to SIPphone — that means users have to log in to their Gizmo Project account and make a call to other Gizmo Project users.

Download the latest version of Gizmo Project here (for Windows, Mac, Linux, Nokia 770).