I’m such a lucky devil…

Today from Kevin's point of view

Coming to work today, I found lots of goodies on my desk. Here’s what went on…

Jennimi was happy with my ValleySchwag recommendation so she sent me a homemade “Elmwood” card with a vintage Apple sticker as well as a never-before-seen School of Informatics sticker (bound to be priceless now that the school’s gone).

Although I fixed my ETC receptionist’s virus-filled laptop, I warned her not to get me anything for helping her out. Still, she slipped me a Starbucks giftcard and a box of Alethea’s famous Sponge Chocolate. Apparently it’s one of the best things from Buffalo, next to Buffalo Wings!

Besides getting gifts, my online purchases also arrived today. I got my Amazon care package containing two copies of “The 2006 What Color is Your Parachute?” (for Penny and I), “Project Runway Season 2 DVD” for Penny and that “Unstuck” book for me. I also got my Other World Computing order of a new firewire RAID enclosure, called “Mercury Elite Pro”, to replace my dead RAID enclosure from FirewireDirect. Check out my photo set of OWC vs. FirewireDirect RAID enclosures.

Before the day ended, Penny made her delicious Laksa for dinner. It’s one of the last few treats from her before she leaves this Friday šŸ™

8 thoughts on “I’m such a lucky devil…

  1. Biao: For around $120, that’s the cheapest kind of RAID you can buy. Better ones go way beyond. Being a Striped RAID, this takes two similar drives and spits it out as one volume on your desktop. It’s the most risky of all RAID categories since you literally double the chances of a complete data loss when just one drive fails.

  2. Sacrelicious: Yeah, it’s nice when hardware manufacturers try to follow the asthetics of Apple’s products. Since it’s driving 3.5″ hard drives, it needs a power adapter. Only portable 2.5″ drives can be bus-powered since they need less power.

  3. Vegetarians rejoice! Aletheaā€™s sponge candy is one of the few (and the best) that does not contain gelatin. Animal-friendly Alethea also sells vegetarian “peeps”!

  4. Sacrelicious: I’m about to enter your situation. The easiest way is to order a few packs of Prima Taste Laksa (they have more local flavors) as seen on Penny’s blog. They even ship overseas!

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