Video: Valve’s Portal Gun = Ultimate Sci-fi Tool

Some time ago I saw Gametrailer’s Top Ten Videogame Weapons of all time. The most interesting weapon also turned out to be an incredibly useful tool: Half-Life’s Gravity Gun. Today, a funny trailer reveals a new kind of weapon/tool developed by Valve for an upcoming game, aptly named Portal.

Kotaku shares more on this:

This is the demonstration of Portal from Valve’s presentation at the EA Summer Media Event. It was as much overshadowed by the announcement of Team Fortress 2 as it was unfairly overshadowed by it. Yes, this is very much inspired by Prey’s cool-ass portal system, but Human Head Studios certainly didn’t explore the mind-bending infinite dimensional paradoxes of portals like this.

I used to think Star Trek’s Tricorder was cool, until I saw this “Portal” gun. It’s definitely on my Amazon Wishlist.