Our Flea Market @ Triads

our flea market @ triads

Since Penny is returning to Singapore this week, we’re started to put up our stuff for sale. We came up with the flyer (see left) and pasted it around the apartment building. The first hour saw the most traffic, mostly international students coming by to take a look.

In that hour, I’ve sold a video projector for $100 (old but works great), a brand new Pioneer DVD burner (aluminium firewire enclosure) for $45, Xbox controllers and games for $10, some unopened board games (Trivia Pursuit, Cluedo) for $5 each. So far I made about $150+. Penny also managed to sell some furniture, including exercise equipment, shoe shelves, kitchen appliances, side tables and chairs. I still have a Canon Ixus 330 digital camera for $75 (my first camera!), an earlier generation Go Motorboard for $90, and other smaller gadgets for sale.

I definitely made a loss on some of the items, especially on the electronics, but I figure that since I don’t use them much, I might as well turn them into cash. It’s 1.36pm and it’s quiet now… I think that’s all the people we’re gonna get today. If you live in Buffalo and are interested in anything, drop me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

7 thoughts on “Our Flea Market @ Triads

  1. Hee hee thanks… a couple actually drop by to ask us who’s the marketing major. Neither of us are, but we know how to sell ­čśŤ

  2. Nice poster, but dude? Ever heard of EBay? Anything under 20 pounds, I would try on Ebay first. Doubly true for any electronics.

  3. Alex: Dude, thanks but ever heard of scams, ebay fees, shipping charges? I’m tired of dealing with the crappy eBay customer service, non-stop scammers who think I’m a retard, and finally, the kind of charges eBay gets away with. I use eBay, but only if I have no choice. My priority starts with garage sale, craigslist and finally eBay. I like getting cash fast without the hassle. ­čśŤ

  4. Man.. my wife has been bustin’ my ball to sell my electronic crap also.. I have like 8 unopen printers.. I need to sell.. haha.. soon I hope.. Hey Kev! nice job man

  5. I have to agree on iWork Pages. v.2 gives you the ability to import a Microsoft Word generated file into Works, then export then as PDFs flawelessly. I had to find a way to do some work a couple days ago and was checking out some of the OTHER features … and its just way cooler than I expected.

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