CurrentStatus: Self-Destruct mode activated…

Buddha Cat
This Buddha Cat was taken from Pixel A. Shun’s desk. For $14.95, it offers peace and two Advil capsules

Currently Thinking
The countdown begins as Penny returns to Singapore next weekend… for good! I’m trying to finish everything I can so that I can be with her, and writing conference papers just isn’t something I do quick enough. Any mental stimulants to recommend? Unlike athletes, I don’t think there are drug-tests for competitive doctoral students… ­čśŤ

Currently Doing
On the academic side, I just submitted my latest “Building Social Capital for Online Youths” paper for the AoIR Conference (IR7.0) happening 27th Sept in Brisbane, Australia. I’m now starting to author my next paper on “How Blogs influence Purchasing Decisions” based on a marketing study I did earlier this year. While this is going on, I’ve to get ready a dissertation proposal for next year. This Fall is going to get crazy… and getting older, poorer and lonelier is nothing short of fabulous!

On the ETC side, I’m still working on some exercise science videos for a client, but this time I’m backing all the DV footage onto DVD-Rs. Judging by the sheer terabytes of content I’m dealing with, this might will take a long time. During breaks, I managed to get some live webcam action going to watch the ETC front desk from my video-editing workstation. You can see how busy we get during the waking hours, provided no one messes around with the iSight.

Currently Congratulating
When Peter Ractham, a Ph.D. student from CGU, got to know me via my blog back in May 2006, he told me he wanted to start a blog. Now look at what he’s done for his School of Information Systems & Technology! Also, congrats to Sarah Whitehead for defending her masters thesis, “Relational Maintenance in Nonvoluntary Dislike Relationships,” on Thursday, July 6, 2006. Her research looks at the use of distancing behaviors in nonvoluntary relationships.

Currently Reading
What Color Is Your Parachute 2006. It’s essential reading for job-hunters and career-changers if you don’t already know.

Currently Playing
When I can afford to, I turn to Tetris DS. Nintendo’s WiFi multiplayer modes are insane, and Andy will attest to that!

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  1. Hey Kevin.. thanx for the prop. I bookmarked your submitted paper, so hopefully other can read ’em also. Again, thank you for your kind words.


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