Valleyschwag #3: Look what I got today…

See every item in high resolution (complete with descriptions) in my ValleySchwag #3 flickr set

Every month is Christmas when you get your ValleySchwag shipment. This third issue of Valleyschwag was super-stuffed, and as you’ll see, there was a nice surprise inside. They gave me a shoulder bag which was big enough for a Macbook Pro (requires your own protective sleeve of course). Other than that, there was a neat Valleyschwag poster for an event I cannot go (I really need to move to the West coast), web 2.0 stickers and a nice imeem Tshirt! How’d they know I use imeem?

Anyway, see everything in high res with descriptions in my ValleySchwag #3 flickr set

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  1. ps – thanks for taking a look at my blog. I’m Singaporean too! checked out penny’s site through the link, and oh! her breakfast. thank god i’m going for christmas!

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