Video: Fourth of July Fireworks @ UB

So last night at around 9.32pm, Penny and I walked to our university’s North Campus where a massive fireworks display was promised to happened. The night was unusually cool and calm, with a slight threat of lightning and rain. It was perfect for a romantic walk for the both of us, since we’ll soon be parted for months yet again.

Going on foot was a great idea, since I’ve never seen so many people make their way to UB before. All the inlet roads were filled with traffic and people setup portable chairs everywhere around UB just so long as they could watch the night sky.

We made our way to the lake at Baird Point where they were launching the fireworks. I guess our timing was perfect because as soon as we sat on the turf (around 10pm), music and fireworks lit up the entire night. As you’ll see above, both music and fireworks were pretty well synchronized. Be sure to watch for Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” about 10mins in.

As I soaked in the patriotic music and explosions, it reminded me why I liked America so much… they give you all the liberties that other nations might take away, and leave it up to the individual to exercise life choices that define him or her. I see an intrinsic benefit in being self-motivated to do good, rather than to be constantly told to behave or act that way.

4 thoughts on “Video: Fourth of July Fireworks @ UB

  1. That was touchingly poetic.

    I was watching the fireworks while shivering my ass off on some hill in SF. Even in summer is freakin cold there.

  2. Lai Lee: Hey, nice to hear from you! You might need to let the video load (buffer) a little longer after you play it. Depends on how fast your internet connection is.

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