Rocketboom breakup: A tale of fame vs. friendship?

Rocketboom's Breakup: A tale of fame vs. friendship?
Click to watch the Youtube version of her personal video statement…

Woah, does this personal video by Amanda Congdon spell the end of Rocketboom?

Producer Andrew Baron and host Amanda Congdon seem to have gone seperate ways. No wonder I’ve been seeing random filler clips on their videocast. Naturally, everyone’s been asking what’s going on. Perhaps this is the result of the pressure of fame and fortune on an casual project between colleagues / friends. Did the partners have a falling out? It seems to be the case since we haven’t heard much until today… ironically a day after Independence Day.

While it’s apparent that Rocketboom is continuing under Andrew’s direction, with Amanda gone, it’ll never be the same. They got me hooked on videocasts, so it’s sad that they’ve come to this. A real tragady/opportunity for the videoblogging community. If you wanna find out more, see Amanda’s personal blog at Amanda Unboomed.

From a critical perspective, it’d be interesting to see how this pans out. Andrew did help turn Amanda into an Internet celebrity, so in comparison to what Hollywood celebrites make, I wonder if she was happy with what she got in return. If anything, this would be an interesting test of whether Internet celebrities have the same pull as television celebrities. Just start comparing viewership between Rocketboom and Amanda Unboomed (her new videocast) in the next month or so.

UPDATE: Everyone’s speculating right now… while some are wondering if we’re getting punk’ed, some companies are already rushing to hire her.

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