Making slick signatures in Apple Mail

How to make a CSS signature for Apple Mail
A fun weekend project: I made my own custom CSS signature from Melvin’s how-to guide…

Melvin Rivera, a web developer located from L.A., got tired of the stale looking email signatures, so he fashioned one using CSS in Apple Mail:

The default interface for Mail signatures allows you to do rich text signatures using the fonts and colors palette. You can even drag an image into the compose signature window and it will be included in every email as an attachment. This is fine for most people, but attachments should be just that, an attachment of a file I am sending, not an image in my signature. So here’s an easy guide on how to do CSS signatures referencing images on an outside server and not as an attachment.

In half an hour or less, you can make one of your very own by using his CSS template and simple instructions.