Podcast session on School of Informatics dissolution

Podcast on School of Informatics dissolution
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If you can multitask, listen to Jim Milles’ “Check This Out!” podcast while reading my post:
Episode 033: Buffalo School of Informatics to be dissolved

Today I attended an interesting podcast session on the unilateral dissolution of UB’s School of Informatics. Organized by Law Librarian Jim Milles, students affected by the program were invited to voice their concerns. As Jenn pointed out, 19 current students and recent alums were present even though we were in summer session.

These mainly consisted of the Masters in Library Science students, while the rest were Communication and Informatics students. I didn’t see any faculty nor officials present, so a lot of questions were really up in the air. I saw this primarily as an oppotunity for students to demonstrate how unfairly managed this administrative decision was made. You can read the rest of the points raised today on Jenn’s Library Matters blog.

If you’re interested in helping or have more questions, do visit Jim Milles’ “Check This Out!” blog and leave a comment. Heck you can even leave an audio response for his follow-up show at 989-4422. Join in the citizen media revolution today!

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  1. There were no faculty or administrators present (other than me) because I wanted this to be an opportunity for students to speak openly about their concerns. One of the ideas we discussed at today’s session was the possibility of doing a follow-up discussion and podcast that would be open to all interested parties: students, faculty, administrators, alumni, community stakeholders.

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