Sidekick 3 upgrade price = Time to sell my kidney

T-mobile's Sidekick 3 Upgrade Offer
Upgrade prices for current Sidekick owners. Regular folks can get this on 10th July at a steeper price.

Some of you asked me what I thought of the Sidekick 3… I stayed away from writing about it since many gadget bloggers have already gotten their’s and blogged about it. It’s not like I didn’t try to get one… just read the response I got after asking T-mobile for a “special upgrade”:

Kevin, I reviewed the issue and have disappointing news with regards to a further price reduction. As a returning T-Mobile customer and current SideKick II user you have the opportunity to upgrade your device prior to the regular public. You also receive heavily discounted prices on the SideKick III right from the start. I reviewed your line ending XXXX for upgrade eligibility. It has been 45 months since you last upgraded the device and you certainly qualify for maximum pricing. You will note that the price drops dramatically if you agree to a T-Mobile contract. For your convenience, […]

I noted that you have been a loyal T-Mobile customer since October 8, 2002. I reviewed the pricing on the SideKick III. No contract the price is $399.99. A I year contract drops $50 and brings it to $349.99. A 2 year contract drops $100 and brings it to $299.99. I am not able to offer a further discount. […]

Thank you for contacting T-Mobile, we value your business.

Tim B.
Customer Care Specialist
T-Mobile USA.

OK, I got the email response within an hour, which was pretty impressive. Alas, it’s no benefit being T-mobile’s loyal customer since Oct 2002, I still got no special treatment. So like the rest of the world, I’ll have to pay for the upgrade to the Sidekick 3.

How much is it you ask? Being a current Sidekick owner it’s suppose to be a good deal, but at about $349 with 1 year contract, it’s quite a lot for me. Maybe if someone bought my Sidekick 2 off me, then I’d buy it in a snap.

Still, this phone is a serious must-have, especially for current Sidekick users. As Jeremy from most eloquently puts it:

What I’m here to tell you is this – believe these words or discount them, but here they are – I used my Sidekick 2 as much last year as my personal iPod, which is to say, “every day, several times or more.”

I agree that this is one device that I rely on more often than anything else in my entire gadget stash. Besides making calls, IMs, and emails, I use this to blog on the move (moblog) thanks to the wonderful keyboard and built-in camera. While it’s marketed at teens, the Sidekick is really as addictive as those Blackberries, yet with the simplicity of a Mac. Remember that the Sidekick is designed by ex-Apple developers so you can see how holistic experiential design comes into play.

Anyway, you can read more about how awesome the Sidekick 3 is at or watch a video of it at

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