100 Bullshit Jobs… And How To Get Them

The 100 Bullshit Jobs (and how to get them)
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Interestingly, Stanley Bing lists the 13th most bullshit job as being a blogger!

Publishers Weekly describes Bing’s book pretty well…
There’s an element of bullshit in all jobs, including his own, but bestselling author Bing (Sun Tzu was a Sissy) has taken a wickedly satiric approach and ranked the BS quotient in jobs both common and obscure that require little effort but pay well. From aromatherapist to motivational speaker to velvet rope nazi to critic (touché), he dissects the skills necessary to excel in these jobs, as well as the upside, the downside and the “dark side.” Using humor and insight, no job is off his radar, including high power corporate jobs like investment banker, rarified non-jobs like boulevardier (George Hamilton), and the crumber, who “removes detritus from dining in restaurants.” Bing’s central piece of advice is to hone your internal bullshit detector and find the right balance between fulfillment and fluff: “In the end, a life that is made up of nothing but bullshit is as untenable as one that is completely dedicated to content. It is your gift on this earth, your right as a living, sentient human being to fight for the right mix.”

For $12.97, I think it’s an edutaining book which might even have you rethinking your career prospects… that’s unless you’re already working in one of the 100 listed bullshit jobs!

You can get details and buy the book via Amazon.