Pentagon says terrorists are using Battlefields 2?

Terrorists using Battlefields 2?
Can you spot any video game experts in the crowd? I didn’t think so…

Video games aren’t just environments that exist in a virtual world. Much like the Internet, such imaginary spaces can spill over or “seep” into the real world. We see such things happen to varying degrees:

That last point brings me back to my earlier post where Jon Stewart remarked how congress was filled with jackasses. Once again, all these people at the Gaming Senate Debate really need to get a reality check.

ABC News posted a video news story about Congress discussing whether Battlefield 2 was a terrorist game.

These Congressmen, supposedly highly-paid terrorist experts from the Pentagon, have no idea what they are talking about by saying that terrorists are modifying Battlefield 2 to their needs. Such is possible, but just isn’t true. They reference an infamous fan-made video by Sonic Jihad which the Pentagon thought was a training game for Terrorists.

Granted, we do realize that video games can have interesting implications, but for goodness sake, get the facts right!

ABC News was on the ball with this one… watch their video news report here. You can also watch the Sonic Jihad video, which, IMHO, isn’t worth watching.

3 thoughts on “Pentagon says terrorists are using Battlefields 2?

  1. When you play BF2, be sure NOT to shoot any vehicle or personnels with the Red, White, and Brue. You don’t want the Pentagon to suspect you and tap on your phone, wifi, bluetooth, etc…

    Be aware, Big Brother is watching… and playing Pong.

  2. iWant: Given the logic that Pentagon official presented, if a Pong video were to appear on a terrorist web site, I won’t be surprised if that too would be considered a terrorist tool. ­čśŤ

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