Flooding all over Buffalo today…

Moving during a floodMoving during a flood
Moving during a floodFlooding accident
Torrential rain and flooding made for pretty hairy but fun driving…

This afternoon, MrBig and I were helping Florence move house from her place in downtown Elmwood. Halfway through, torrential rain started to pour. While the sudden rain on a hot summer’s day was quite a surprise, the sudden flooding all over the streets of Buffalo was even more shocking. Within 15mins of raining, parts of the streets along homes and even some highways were flooded quite severly. I wasn’t sure if I was even going to make it back to North Campus having seen water levels knee high.

Along the way back, I saw a White Mustang hit another black car after drifting in deep water. Since the entire width of highway in front of me was too deep, I followed a few gutsy drivers as we cut through the parking lots parallel to the street and at some point even had to driving on pavement to get to safer grounds. At some point I couldn’t avoid it but to go right in, and it got pretty scary when cars on the opposite side of the road passed by creating an oncoming wave which pounded my car like a boat in water. I’d drift, but struggle to get back where the road was still visible.

Never have I experienced a summer like this… now I know how Bostonians must have felt when their area flooded last month. I haven’t watched The Inconvenient Truth yet, but seeing things like that first hand makes me feel like we’ve outdone ourselves as the human race.

9 thoughts on “Flooding all over Buffalo today…

  1. At times like these, I miss my Isuzu Rodeo SUV. It may be a fuel guzzler, but it goes through anything! I’ll be careful… more rain expected throughout the week. I think the weather is getting screwy!

  2. I also say. Times like this you would wish that you drive a Jeep or some other kind of high axle-trucks/SUVs. Better still if they are 4×4. 🙂

  3. Yes, travel through boston was no fun last month. It made me wish that I had a kayak or something.

    Kevin, I highly recommend seeing An Inconvenient Truth. Don’t put it off. It’s fantastic.

  4. matt: Thanks, I just saw it last night… Al Gore’s presenting his talk somewhere near Buffalo on 24th July. I might go check that out too.

    heather: It’d be funny, but we saw that in New Orleans after Katrina hit. With floating carcasses everywhere, kayaking through that wouldn’t be that fun. 🙁

  5. it’s weird, b/c the flooding totally missed the Southtowns, but hit Hamburg which is only 15 minutes away. By all rights the street by us should have been under water but it wasn’t.

    Ya know, Steph told me she had heard by 2040 (?) the whole world would be at the same climate instead of like now. Just in my short 25 years I’ve noticed significant weather changes in NYS. How anyone normal human observing the world about them can think that Global warming isn’t real is beyond me.

  6. Sarah: In The Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore highlighted the situation where it’s hard to see change if it’s gradual and you’re living in it. Only through longditudinal studies would anyone truely see how bad life will get in the near future.

    You’ve gotta watch this film… then watch Who Killed the Electric Car? to see even more controversies unfold.

    It’s like some bigger force is at work destroying Earth for personal gain.

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