My 29th birthday surprise…

My Birthday Surprise
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At midnight, I was a little startled when my friend Andy walked into the bedroom with a lighted birthday cake in hand. He caught me while I was deep into blogging about the School of Informatics saga (coming soon).

Yes folks, I’m 29 now. I definitely don’t think or feel twenty-nine so I don’t try to make a big deal out of it. Frankly, I do worry whether I’ve gotten far enough in life, though I continue to work towards making it better. Hopefully exponentially better. 🙂

Being a gadget fiend, the guys got me interesting presents:
– Kelvin got me a Leatherman (a thief stole my old one)
– Peter got me an iGo portable charger for my various electronic devices
– Jun left me his bunch of Xbox controllers (sadly he’s going back to Singapore for good today)
– Penny sneakily got me a Calvin Klein wallet, which she says will make me look more manly (erm, ok)

Thanks to Andy & Nina for getting me the cake, and to Kelvin, Jun, Waihoe, Aaron and Peter for making today a special day for me. I later discovered that my thoughtful girlfriend Penny arranged this birthday gathering for me at midnight.

UPDATE: When I came into work today, Chris offered to work on my behalf. How nice! Do people take the day off on their birthdays? Alas, I’m working late into the night today…

UPDATE 2: Awww! Gotta love Siva’s cats and iCheerful’s Kitty iCard.

16 thoughts on “My 29th birthday surprise…

  1. Aw, birthdays… they’re not what they used to be.

    Many congratulations, though, Kevin. Enjoy your presents you lucky fox!

  2. Aaron, Patrick, hsiatono, Fan of Blber: Thanks for dropping by! I must say that all your blogs & photos are amazing. I’m quite humbled by your presence.

    Jennimi, Napfisk, Shion: Thanks for the well-wishes! I’m a regular reader of your blogs so keep it up. 🙂

  3. happy (belated) birthday!!

    yeah, i took off on my birthday last week, but to study for my exam the next day. 🙁

    Geminians rawks!!

  4. happy birthday, man! (my well-wishes would have been more timely, but i think your RSS feed was down for a few days — i just got a new update with several days of entries…) 😀

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