Krrish: Bollywood’s upcoming sci-fi movie set in Singapore


According to BoingBoing:

“Krrish” is a sequel to the 2003 blockbuster “Koi … Mil Gaya” (“I Found Someone”), which was considered Hindi cinema’s first major science fiction film.

In it, an E.T.-like alien descends to Earth and is befriended by Rohit, a good-hearted young man who’s not very bright. The alien waves a finger. Miraculously, the slow, stuttering, myopic Rohit is transformed into a hero who can dance, woo the beauteous heroine and defeat the bad guys.

Woot for dancing superheroes! What I personally found interesting was how it’s set in Singapore (that’s Shenton Way in the background). It’s being released on 23rd June, but like all other niche movies of late (e.g. inconvenient truth), I really have no idea how I am going to catch this other than to download it.

Check out Bruce Sterling’s blog post about it, or see the official site (with movie trailer) at

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