Chicago: Old as New York, New as Japan

Chicago summer vacation
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If the United States as a country were a banana split, both coasts would be slices of the yellow fruit, while Chicago would be the cherry on the ice-cream. I never expected the mid-west to be exciting, especially thinking of how much attention the east and west coasts get. Well known as an economic hub, Chicago is also home to some of the oldest yet most progressive architectures around.

As our travel buddy Elia Diodati puts is, it felt more gothamic than New York City, while I felt that it’s also as futuristic as Japan. I was referring to the incredible features of the Millenium Park, and how the police patrolled around in Segways. We of course walked, shopped and ate a lot, especially around The Magnificent Mile. The clusters of art and history museums everywhere meant that there’s surely something for everyone.

Later on, we even got a chance to meet up with a Chicago-native Singaporean, The Screwy Skeptic. While having dim-sum at the Phoenix in Chinatown, we got acquainted with this young aspiring journalist/blogger as we chatted about life in Singapore, whether it was a good idea to be a journalist in Singapore and why we felt that we have a very unique blogging community back home. Elia’s referenced some new material related to this. After the meetup, I suddenly recalled how old I was, and how the younger generation are lucky (I believe) to be exposed to blogging at a tender age. My Word of the Day: “Supercede”.

I could go on about our fun time in Chicago, but alas I’m back at work and incredibly busy catching up on some video editing. Besides my research papers, I’m just glad that I managed to settle my administrative paperwork, which includes my F-1 Visa, employment papers and full-time certification as a doctoral student. It’s quite tiring jumping through all the hoops being an international student, but I’m glad I’m all sorted out as of today. Now I can concentrate on ETC and academic work.

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