Penny’s last day at work…

Penny's last day at work

I picked up Penny from work for the last time today… that’s right, she’s bid her adieu and left work at the University at Buffalo for good. For the past few years, we happen to work in the same building (see background), just different floors, which made life pretty easy for us. To cherish the moment, I got her some pink roses, then we headed off to a summer BBQ with our friends in the evening (See slideshow).

Since Penny will be heading back to Singapore soon, we’re heading to Chicago tomorrow for our vacation. She loves shopping and I’ll be accompanying her to The Magnificent Mile for a major portion of the trip. We also hope to meet up some friends there and check out some the Chicago museums together.

In about a month’s time, it’ll be a long distance relationship for us once again. Being on opposite ends of the world makes life screwy, where her morning will be my night, and vice versa. Once I get my academic work done and graduate out of here, we’ll figure out where to continue our lives… be it in Singapore or the United States. Both places have their merits and we’re both pretty flexible. If anyone knows job openings for an experienced graphic designer and a blogging geek, let us know.

The future isn’t set in stone, but I do hope for our relationship to be real soon.

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  1. Like my professor once said, “Don’t do a Phd!”. No no, I shouldn’t think bad thoughts… “I love doing what I’m doing” (repeat 10x). 😛

  2. Two girlfriends and many failed ones thereafter, I have come to the conclusion one shouldn’t date and go steady when he’s still unsettled.


    1. Decide on what you want to do and where you want to stay.
    2. Once your life settles down to a routine, then go pak-torring.
    3. Marriage comes naturally and with no LDR woes.

  3. Ju, penny and you have gone thru 2-3 yr of LDR before right? A few months more should be nothing for u guys! Be strong!

  4. Hey man… you guys will be fine.. my wife (formerly g.f.) study in Chi-town for 4 years…. (very nice city) and now we are happily married… the key is to stay connected and communicate and trust each other ALOT ^_^

    good luck to you two .. have fun in Chicago.. I’m going to tell my friend who’s going over for the weekend about the .. maybe you guys will run into each other somehow .. good luck

  5. To each of you: Thanks for well wishes! I’ll bear your sweet thoughts in mind.

    There’s no free internet access where we stay so I’ll be taking a break from blogging. Kinda sucks that I brought my heavy macbook all the way here just to realize that! 🙂

  6. Hey there,

    Good luck and I hope things will work out fine for you guys 🙂

    Is Penny interested in freelance graphic / web design?

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