Hillary Clinton vs. the Blogosphere

Hillary Clinton vs. Blogosphere

As reported by Jerry Zremskion for Buffalo News today, political bloggers take Clinton to task over her stand on Iraq War. Senator Hilary Clinton gets booed at the recent Take Back America gathering and is being widely criticized in blogosphere. Here’s the most critcal part of the article:

Unpopular with bloggers

The crowd’s reaction to the speeches echoed the criticism that liberal bloggers have been aiming Clinton’s way for months now. And it’s criticism that appears to be taking a toll on Clinton’s reputation among those who post their opinions in the growing blogosphere.

Whereas a recent Hotline poll found that 77 percent of Democrats overall have a positive impression of Clinton, a new BlogPAC survey found that only 45 percent of regular bloggers had a favorable impression of her.

And several of the attendees at the conference interviewed after Clinton’s speech said she had done nothing to improve her image among the bloggers and activists in attendance.

“She’s still all over the place on Iraq,” said Barbara O’Brien of Mahablog.com. “Hillary Clinton is moving toward the center as much as possible to attract more conservatives, but they’re people who would never vote for her. Meanwhile she’s [ticking] off the people who would vote for her.”

The reason why I’m citing this is to show how American politics is beginning to give serious respect the blogosphere as a benchmark for feedback and raising agendas. This made front page on the Buffalo News… will it ever be on the front pages of New York Times or USA Today?

In contrast to countries like my homeland Singapore, our government subscribes to the general stance that bloggers are politically deviant. Instead of participating in open dialogue with them, they sought to control what bloggers and podcasters say. I believe that they’re really missing the big picture here and are in desperate need of a paradigm shift in order to survive their next elections.

You can read the whole Buffalo News article here…