Slashdot’s new Web 2.0-ish look

Slashdot's new look

Created in September 1997 by Rob Malda, Slashdot has truly lived up to it’s infamous moniker of “News for nerds. Stuff that matters.” Today, Slashdot has just gotten its much needed makeover for the first time in nine years. Though it now sports that clean modern Web 2.0-ish look, it has done so without distancing itself from it’s signature green/white layout. Reading the comments about this from the Digg community, I found a rather amusing rhetoric about Digg vs. Slashdot…

Digg user arunforce says, “I prefer Democracy (Digg) over Communism (Slashdot).”

Hmm, I’d like to believe that…
but is Digg truly democratic, or does it merely appear so?

One thought on “Slashdot’s new Web 2.0-ish look

  1. I’d say it appears to be demoncracy. I’m still a diggnation fan but I hardly ever click through when reading the stories as most of the news I want is covered on other sites such as the Weblogs Inc sites, IGN, etc and the only AP site I read a lot is Digg has it’s place as one of the link sites that’s popular page serve.

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