That three-pane Apple Mail hack is sweet!

Apple Mail in Three Panes

If you have a widescreen MacBook, you’ll definitely want this! Hawk Wings reported last week on a useful Apple Mail hack that’s now rolled into a simple plugin. It adds a third vertical pane to your Mail app, allowing you to preview more of your mail quickly, just like how Microsoft Entourage does. I’ve been using it for the past two days and it rocks!

Easy to use instructions and download here.

4 thoughts on “That three-pane Apple Mail hack is sweet!

  1. Suh-weet. Works like a charm on my macbook pro. So far, I like…wonder if the same setup would benefit XCode as well?

    Thanks for the tip and the link

  2. The download link for the 3 pane mac thing was a dead end… can you please redirect me?? Also, if one does hack into a mac mail account or any other for that matter, does the owner know??? does it compromise their password??? Could they have software that would alert them??

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