Here kitty kitty…

Cat Noses
Cat Noses by sushimifune

Penny and I love cats. So does Siva. If you do too, this funny metafilter post is for you…

There are approximately 77.6 million owned cats in the United States alone. And at least 20 million feral cats. There are many different breeds of cats. A very popular house pet, cats can be quite odd indeed. Cats can be tiny. And cats can be huge. Baby cats are called kittens and are extremely cute. Indoor cats are frequently overfed. But most importantly, cats can be very, very funny.

Check out the other kitty links posted by the zany metafilter community. If you’re not a cat-lover (awww!), there’s always Cute Overload which goes well with everyone.

6 thoughts on “Here kitty kitty…

  1. lol thanks for this wonderful morning present! (morning here) i think i laughed so loud, and awwed so loud at the same time that i woke up my entire neighbourhood! and yes i love cats 🙂

    robynanderson on flickr has very nice kitty picts….

  2. Man.. Kevin.. you like Cat too? My wife and I LOVE cat…although we don’t have any right now.. ’cause of the baby.. but someday we will again ^_^

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