BestBlogForward: The Closing Ceremony…

This might sound a little absurd, but if you can consider for a moment, our meme has just brought together an unlikely band of bloggers from various parts of the globe. I can think of nothing better than Sarah McLachlan’s “World On Fire” to bring closure to our cosy little meme (sorry, I can’t afford fireworks!).

Watch it and you’ll get it…
(Hat tip to MrBig)

2 thoughts on “BestBlogForward: The Closing Ceremony…

  1. Nice clip… and me being a Sarah fan never even saw it b4!
    sigh.. hey btw i finally got round to installing wordpress! No spectacular topics to read of, just little insights to my life which i’m hoping to store since my memory is bad ­čÖé

  2. GrEg: If you think Sarah’s video rocked, check out the country version of Bon Jovi’s “”Who Says You Can’t Go Home”. It feature’s the band using their music video budget to build homes for the poor. I can’t find the actual music video, but here’s the news report.

    Congrats on getting your feet wet with blogging. I’ll add your blog to my reading list and my blogroll!

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