BestBlogForward: And the meme winners are…

Creative Commons photo originally derived from “The Tortoise and the Hair” by Lance Webel.

I had a fun time running this BestBlogForward meme together with fellow sponsor Alec from the8thsign, but it’s now time to pick our top two winners.

From the start, I thought we were going to have a hard time judging since everyone made contributions at different levels. However, two exceptional bloggers stood out from the pack by adding the most meaning and utility to this popularity meme. I’ll start from the second place winner…

The second prize winner reminds us that blogging is about creating conversations. He is Napfisk of “No Dependencies / No Logo“. His most popular entry was a critique on the blogosphere’s elites. He wrote a heartfelt passage which scored comments from the likes of Robert Scoble. Now Alec and I agree that Napfisk’s post wasn’t our most favorite post but what really did it for us was the fact he went to read every meme submitted and left a comment on most of your blogs. To us, that’s what this contest is about… getting bloggers to connect to each other.

And now for the first prize winner…
***drum roll please***

She hits home a lot of salient points about blogging for readership, but did especially well in demonstrating how popularity starts with social networking. Striking real conversations and turning them into blog posts is what makes her writing highly connected and meaningful. Having started blogging only this year, Leisa from has grown readership and relationships fast and furiously.

Congratulations Leisa… you are our first place winner!

To the rest of you, I wish I had more Flickr Pro prizes to hand out… but I don’t. If I ever get a chance to work at Flickr though, I’ll get you guys one each! Thanks for joining in and I hope you found this a meaningful enough meme that your post becomes your consolation. We hope everyone has gotten the chance to look over one another’s blog to learn a thing or two.

Epilogue: Although we only had around 15 bloggers joining this meme (I didn’t boingboing it!), I’m still impressed by the quality of the submissions. Just read my roundup review. It isn’t an easy meme I must add, so I hope it’s driven some additional traffic to your blogs. Keep in touch y’all!

8 thoughts on “BestBlogForward: And the meme winners are…

  1. *speechless*

    wow! thanks so much Kevin – on behalf of me *and* my lengthy Amazon wishlist!

    and thanks so much to everyone else who participated in the meme. I really enjoyed reading all your posts. Great work everyone!

    oh, and hi! to all the people from Singapore who swung by my blog. I’m going to be there in 2 weeks – can’t wait! 🙂

  2. Hey Kevin, wow. I have no words, really (strange for a blogger huh?) but of course I want to thank you and Alec for organizing this. True, it wasn’t the easy, traditional meme, but that’s what pushes us forwards and that’s what you’ve done here.

    I really think Leisa (congratulations!) put it best when she said: you need the network! I don’t think any of us really have the ambition to become professional A-list bloggers (at least I don’t, not with my personal, self-contained blog). But if there’s one thing that motivates us to keep going at it, it is this opportunity of sharing thoughts and ideas (and often making friends along the way). Initiatives like this make it clear that is indeed the central function of the blogosphere. Create and share.

    It was a joy participating and reading everyone’s entries. I myself will certainly be following up on these bloggers, especially the brave Singaporeans who are at the core of the free flow of information. Hats of to you, chaps.

    Before I turn this into an unsolicited guest post, I’ll just say: I’ll get my camera out and get snapping!

    Cheers all!

  3. Nice to see everyone in good spirit!

    As Napfisk commented before, I’m glad that this exercise has also allowed bloggers of different nationalities to meet and greet one another. 🙂

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