ValleySchwag 2: Yay, I scored a rare T-shirt (1:1500)

Valleyschwag #2 is here!Valleyschwag #2 is here!

Valleyschwag #2 is here and I know I’m not making this up because I now taste burlap while eating Pockey. Truthfully, everything in this shipment seemed less interesting compared to the first issue, with the exception of the Movabletype Cap and Keychain. After flickr-ing about how I didn’t get any letter or packing list this time, Thor from Valleyschwag promptly emailed me a PDF of the missing document which you can see here. Impressive.

The green t-shirt on the right picture is the weirdest thing in the package… second being the Slide condom. At first I was wondering if there were some mistake packing this in when I realized it’s actually the name of an actual design agency called One & Co.. It just looked Christmas-y, complete with golden reindeers and pixelated snow.

Fortunately, Valleschwag’s Jonathan Grubb explained it to me this way:
“Dude, that’s the rarest piece of schwag in the whole shipment!”

Apparently they were only given to people who were actually at this agency’s christmas party. A friend grabbed an extra one (and had never used it) so he added it to the mix. My tip to Jonathan: Maybe you guys could add a rarity count in the packing list, just like those on collectors cards sold at comic book stores. For example, this t-shirt would be 1:1500?

But that’s not all. Jonathan also mentioned that “you can always trade it on the upcoming Valleyschwag trading area”.

Hmm, first Valleyschwag grows from 60 to 1500+ subscribers, then Valleyschwaggers get early peeks through ValleyBeta (special beta access to new Web 2.0 services), and now there’s a trading area for us? What’s there not to love?

If you’re interested, you can watch a behind-the-scenes video of ValleySchwag on their blog. As usual, everyone gets something different as seen on Flickr.

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  1. Hope Valleyschwag continues delivering good stuff. It got tough when their circulation went from 60 to 1500… some of the items in the latest package were crummy. A few items did make up for the rest though.

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