My 1000th Post Special // “BestBlogForward” meme contest

BestBlogForward meme

Keep your entries coming and do check out the wonderful stories others have already shared! 🙂

Believe it or not, this is my 1000th blog post! To commemorate this special occasion, I’d like to thank fellow bloggers by holding a unique meme contest. Yes, we wouldn’t have a blogosphere if not for one another, so here’s my nifty idea: I’m going to help you discover how bloggers like yourselves gain popularity.


1. Find the most popular post on your blog
You can discover this either by checking your web statistics service, most number of comments, or simply googling yourself and finding what tops the rankings. Suggestions on using blog trackers like BlogPulse and Technorati are welcomed. If all this sounds too complicated, just go wth your instinct!

2. Blog the story behind it!
Blog the story behind your most popular post by giving the permalink, what it’s about, how it became popular and how you came to write about it. It’s a great way to see our different blogging strategies. I’ll post mine as an example soon but get started if you get the picture.

3. Tag “BestBlogForward”
Once you’re done writing, make sure to title and tag it “BestBlogForward”. Link your post back here if you wish to qualify for the contest. Everyone will also be able to see your post over at Technorati if you use the following HTML code: <a href="" rel="tag">bestblogforward</a>

DUE TO THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND, THIS CONTEST IS NOW EXTENDED TO 11.59PM ON WEDNESDAY, 31st MAY 2006 MEMORIAL DAY, MAY 29th 2006. After that, you can continue adding to the meme, but you won’t be getting a prize (it’s self-gratifying already right?). I’ll pick out the most interesting blog story and announce the winner next week.

Since I’m not exactly rich, I’m emailing the first place winner a $25 Amazon gift certificate. Alec over at loves the idea so much, he kindly sponsors a Flickr Pro account for the runner-up. I’m currently approaching some Web 2.0 sponsors for more prizes in case this gets widespread. If anyone’s interested to sponsor, let me know and I’ll plug you. I’ll have the final say as to how things go, but rest assured, I’m hoping to make this experience as enjoyable as possible.

Before you go, help me pass the word about this meme contest by telling your friends, by submitting it to your favorite social-bookmarking service (e.g. Digg, or simply adding me to your blogroll. If you haven’t done so, you can subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed here.

39 thoughts on “My 1000th Post Special // “BestBlogForward” meme contest

  1. As the observant ones have realized, my blog has an automated life of its own. Thus, my 1000th post turned into the 1001th. No matter… the meme contest is still on!

  2. My brain is currently frying up due to misapplied thermal paste, I mean it’s been a long day and I’m getting tired, but I will so blog this and join the fun tomorrow morning!

    Cheers then!

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  4. Dennis: Linkbaiting is usually a cheap tactic that involves pissing bloggers off in order to serve one’s self serving need for links. This isn’t a linkbait because a) it’s isn’t cheap for me, b) it serves the benefit of all bloggers. Just take a look at the blogs that have participated and see the positive experience they’ve had doing this! Simply speaking, memes bring fresh traffic to everyone.

  5. 🙁 Why oh why does technorati ignore me? I used the correct tag…but am not showing up on the site. This constantly happens with them. I’ll tag something then weeks later use the same tag and it’s “the first time”. Oy.

  6. Hi Jennimi,

    The same problem happens to me as well. The technorati tag I placed there also does not have my post there, since I posted the thing more than 24 hours. Perhaps, it’s a bug in the technorati tracker.

  7. Jennimi and BL: I’ve seen this problem before. That’s why it’s good that you guys trackbacked here as a backup.

    While both of you are using different blogging systems, check that you’ve used the correct HTML code as seen in point 3 of my instructions… note that there’s a rel=”tag” in the link code.

    Hopefully someone can enlighten us about this. As long as I know where to find it, you’ll qualify for the contest.

  8. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the note and also dropping by our site.
    I tried to redo the posting and copy your tag to the post. That did not work either. Anyway, the other traceback URL is broken. Please use this URL when review my entry.

    Have a good day. I look forward to meet you in our gatherings when you happen to pop by back in SG.

    Best regards,

  9. It’s going good : – )

    Full-time job for ya already, buddy?

    Btw, is that closing time GMT/UTC or your time?

    Cheers (and thanks for the occasional name dropping, hehe)!

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