X-Men III: Let the credits roll for a secret…

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I used to be a big comic collector (e.g. X-men, Wildcats, Spawn), the extent of which I would spend all my lunch money on these popular works of art. One thing though: I was never fond of the X-men movie adaptations. The whole production just seems very contrived to me, satifying more of a commercial urge than the true passion of story-telling. Alas, that is the nature of movie adaptations… it is hard to stray from this assumed intent.

Still, I do take solice in the special effects crew for really stretching the human imagination. Even Penny says she wants to watch it because it’s simply fun seeing colorful characters with their amazing powers. I just hope this third X-men installment delivers on the action.

Needless to say, this is definitely a film that everyone will be watching. That being the case, IGN FilmForce shares with us an important tip…

This weekend, when the credits roll, when the audiences begins to filter out of the exits… keep your seat. And then, perhaps, share this little secret with a few of your friends: the movie isn’t over. We don’t want to spoil anything for you, but we want you to know that the scene that follows isn’t your typical post-credits tack-on. It’s a coda for one of the main characters. The scene is maybe 30 seconds in length, but it’s enough. And it will surely be one of the more talked moments in the fan community.

We’re entitled to make guesses, so I think it’s going to be about Wolverine. What do you think?

UPDATE: I’ve added the much requested spoiler in the comments. See comment #11 below…

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  1. I saw an advanced screening of X-Men 3 last night however I left went the credits came on. There is a part before the credits, about 30 seconds in length which I feel is very significant (it is not about Wolverine however, but —censored to prevent spoiler—).

    Maybe they changed it so it appear before the credits?

  2. Thanks for the tip Shuan. I censored your revelation so as not to spoil the movie’s surprise for others. Now that I know, it should be interesting!

  3. No problem. If you have any question about the film, don’t hesistate to contact me at ShaunPriest at gmail dot com.

  4. I just watched the X-men 3 movie and I’m afriad there’s more than what Shuan mentioned. While there is a short coda scene before the credits roll, there is an even more dramatic one after the credits are done. Not many people stayed behind to see it, but it let’s say that it’s surprising… if not shocking to some. Definitely stay behind to catch this!

  5. Hey, I work in a cinema and I missed the 30 second thing after the credits in the staff showing, however a friend who also works in the cinema saw it when they were on duty.

    You should stay behind to watch it. When I was selling tickets for X-Men I was letting everyone know to stay behind to the very end.

  6. I did not get the word in time to stay for the credits! Can someone please let me know by email what happens?

  7. I also could not watch the after credits scene.I can not watch the movie again because I travelled [80+80] Miles
    just to watch the movie as there is no english theatre
    in my town.I want to know what happened after the credits.
    So PLEASE email me at rajnishsangwan@gmail.com

  8. OK, since I’m getting requests, here we go… If you haven’t seen the movie, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

    — SPOILER ALERT !! —

    Once the credits are done rolling, a strange scene opens up. We’re brought into a bright sun-lit room with life-support medical equipment buzzing away. A female docter walks in to check on a male patient… whom we don’t have a clear picture of. Suddenly the patient turns to face her and says “Doctor Moira?” (I think he said that), to which the doctor was surprised. She knew that voice (you would to) and she muttered the following word… “Charles?”.

    Some people were confused by this scene: First, recall that Charles was killed by the Phoenix. Now return to the earlier part of the movie and you’ll remember that Prof. Xavier (Charles) was teaching a mutant class about “ethics” and proceeded to show a case study video of a living man without consciousness. He posed the question of whether it was ethical for mutants to transfer the consciousness of a terminally-ill person into that body. After which he was interrupted by a powerful force.

    Connect both scenes together and you would have figured out that after the Phoenix pulverized Charles, he must have transferred his consciousness into that very same patient in the case study. As an added bonus, we learn that the Dr. Moira is quite important in Charles’ life, as seen in the Xmen comic book storyline.

    Hope this helps everyone… and btw, someone posted the last scene on YouTube as well. It’s not the whole scene, but gives you the general idea.

  9. Kevin: That’s totally cheating, dude. I wasted all of that time when I could have just come here to find out.

    It does beg the question: X-Men 4: Charles In Charge?

  10. So there will be an X-men 4 movie??
    Well since this one was called the LAST stand I thought it would actually be the LAST one.
    I hope they make at least one more.

  11. It is suppose to be the last movie of the trilogy, and there are already rumors that instead of an X-men sequel, certain characters will have movies all for themselves. A little bit of research on IMDB suggests a Magneto movie and a Wolverine movie. Nothing’s confirmed so do your own research and post your findings here!

  12. I knew I should have stayed but went with other people and they wanted to leave so had to go missed the secret scene anyone know where to find it?Please e-mail me back eager to see it specialk1945@netzero.net

  13. here’s the link to the post credits scene. it not the whole thing, but u get whats goin’ on.

  14. I didnt stay long enough for the credits, and thanks to Kevin i now know what the ending after the credits includes. This brings up the question of “X-Men 4 or not” and just being hopeful, but what good is a xmen movie without apocolypse? i mean c’mon now. if you hear anything about future movies, because a prequel to wolverine/magneto wouldnt be as interesting as the previous mention, let me know

  15. just wanted to know what happend at the end.One of my freinds claimed that this happend but i did not believe him due to not sticking around myself but now i do cheers matey.hears hoping for either x-men 4: the first stand or just x-men:rise of apocolypse but there are so many enemies that have been left out like mr sinister/mojo/sauron/silver samuri and of course the list could go on but if they were to leave it at what they have they would have alot of dissopointed fans on there hands
    heres hoping to chat more bout x-men with you again soon
    p.s cheers again

  16. ummm…i liked the movie but gambit wasnt in it… and gambit was the coolest ever. i never saw the ending scene sadly.

  17. some one please send me the coda im going crazy i missed it i wish i watched the interviews the day i went i didn’t want to spoil it

  18. i was read my new copy of entertainment weekly. sadly, there r no signs of an xmen 4, it doesnt seem that the actors involved want to return. halle berry said that this was it for her as storm. i remember reading she didnt even want to be in part 2. i could be wrong. what does look promising is the wolverine solo movie. im so freakin happy that hugh jackman got the part of wolverine. i remember he wasnt the one that had the role in the first place. it was that other actor that was the bad guy in mission impossible 2. i cant remember his name. we benefitted from that actors little accident. since he was hurt, and the filming on MI2 was delayed, preventing him from playing wolverine. also i agree with patrick, i wish gambit had been included in X3. also i miss nightcrawler, he should have returned. but thats just my opinion. šŸ™‚


  20. I think you’re talking CRAP.

    Any Marvel fan knows the storyline onwards from the point the movie has reached, the movie follows the story (almost identically) of the original animated series, so yah, you know the truth, aswell as every other x-men fan out there. Shut the hell up and tone down your CAPs boy.

    My assumption is that a future movie of the franchise, whether Wolverine or another crappy report, is that it would not be a sequel, but indeed a prequel, and the story would confide with the parts inbetween the films that we have missed (Nightcrawler dissapeared? Shadowkat a.k.a kitty pride came out of no where, and i am pretty sure the girl that we saw walk through xaviers office’s wall in one of the previous films, was not the actress that we see in the last stand, wtf about jubilee, we see her sitting next to rogue in no.1, THAT’S IT, SHOW US HER FUCKING POWERS YOU COCK SUCKING DICKS, FIREWORKS FORGODSAKE. Specially gambit, i mean WTF, he would have been a great character to be placed into the film) or just some crap before all three of the films, Wolverine is actually older than Magneto, and they’ve met before, LOL, so there is quite alot for a prequel film script.


  21. *adds to above

    There are some extreme changes in the storyline of the movie in comparison, but i mean to say that, if one has watched the animated series, then you’ll no doubt know where the story is going next, as it’s on the same line as the cartoon. Just with some extremely weird script changes….

  22. In the animated series the mutant ‘cure’ didn’t work on all mutants thats why magneto moved the chess piece!!!

  23. I watched the movie’s as an outsider if i would have watched them as a devoted fan as i no doubt am i would have been really dissapointed but because i know it is not possible for a movie franchise to follow either the comic or ”the animated series” i was’ent dissapointed yes they left out gambit give the part of the jugganaut to vinnie jones who has a cockney accent and yes they also made collossus an american when he is ment to be russian but all ov these ”issues” got put to a side due to the fact that they did never wanted to run linear to the comic or the series because all that this trilogy is.is a franchise for both marvel fans and non marvel fans alike so yes they may make a prequel and/or sequel but until they do my freinds all we can do is sit and hope that they eventually get some real x-men history put into these scripts but hey this is the movies right!!!!!

  24. oh yea and X planations for the arivals and dissapearences of certain x-men hence nightcrawler-shadow cat (kitty pride) are all ment to be X plained in the x-men 3 game due to this being a lead up to the movie but please please please don’t tell me what happens due to not having played it myself and please don’t give me the ”But i thought you where a devoted fan???” cus my answer to that is
    Do you live with you’re girlfreind??? aha hope to hear soon

  25. S2 calm down dude, its not following the animated series much. As its not following the Comics, original or ultimate. Its got its own spin on the whole X-men universe and any fan should have the cope on to realise that.

    Kitty was never a serious character for them untill the third, so they got the deadly actress from hard candy on board to shoot with them.

    Also, if you wanna see Jubulee in action, look before you scream man. X-men 2 DVD has Jublee scene were she uses her powers.

    Overall, I loved the film, but I feel there’s just too many characters overall for them all to be done justice. Rogue and Bobby were just a small unfinshed and neglected sub plot, Nightclawer mysteriously vanished and I think we all know how badly Angel was treated.

    This is why the films will never beat the comics. Cause in comics they have the ability to really stretch out the characters and give them serious depth, but in a movie they only have about 90 minutes to work with all the characters. And in x3 including Villans there was at least 18 key characters in there.Thats less then 5 min a character.

  26. The end of credit scene with Pro-X in it..

    If according to the comic – should have to do with one of the new character introduced in X-Men III the movie…. who revived him.

    I too – await on whether one of the other person above is correct in predicting that Xavier transfers his mind to some other body – or whether it is like what I said instead. The next movie could go both ways I would imagine.

    Especially seeing how X-Men III the movie stuffed up the explanation part of Jean Grey vs Phoenix, without leaving any room for correction later on…. In the comic, this was confusing enough but it certainly IS NOT what the movie made of Jean Grey and Phoenix at all…..

    Loyal X-men fans would be highly disappointed at this detour from the original..

  27. so you sayin am not a loya fan its not my fault i can manage to differentiate between the comic and the movie. yes as a fan i would have been dissapointed but like i said before the comic and the movie are two completly different things

  28. I was watching the TV guide channel because they were talking about X-men 3. And, Hugh Jackman (the guy who plays Wolverine) said that a hollywood writer (don’t remember name, sorry) had written a Wolverine movie, and is finished with the 2nd draft and starting the final draft.Hugh Jackman also said he had signed on to the movie (now of this should be taken as being 100% official because it may take 2 years before it opens or 4 years before it opens) but this is what Hugh claims. But my suspicion is it will be a movie about Wolverine’s past. I say this because of that “mission” he supposedly went on to find out who he was, bla bla bla between X-men 1 and 2. Anyone remember that video game on PS2 and Xbox called “X2: Wolverine’s Revenge”? Well, I predict that that is what the movie will be about (hopefully with flashbacks and all, because if you know da comic he worked with Captain America and took down the Red Skull who was major notcy (spelling? but anyway swastika guy) (leading of course to adamantium skeleton and weapon X).

    PS Director of Xmen 3 said this WILL BE THE LAST FILM IN THE X-MEN SERIES. But thats not to say Wolverine or Magneto movies wont come out.

  29. Director of the X-Men series isn’t exactly a director I would have faith in, as they prob wont use him ever again…

    While Patrick Stewart, who has obvious reasons not to givew two figs about it, has said that another movie is defienatly a possibilty

  30. Hey, can somebody tell me what happens in the last 30 seconds after the credits?! I absolutely adore X-Men, (well, Marvel anything!) and so I went to see it first thing went it came out so I heard nothing of this extra bit and blimmin’ left as the credits came up! ARGH!

    Please please someone send me an email telling me exactly what happens!


    Anna xx

  31. shadowcat appeared in x-men 1 she walked through the door when wolvy was tlking to prof x and in x2 when will strykers soldiers were ataacking the x-mansion she ran through a person and a wall and obviously she appeared in x3!

  32. well, there r gonna b 4 spin-offs(rumored) da wolvie 1 is confirmed n is in post-production, then theres da magneto 1, 1 bout emma frost, n 1 bout da younger mutants. n da 1 bout wolvie is rumored 2 have gambit in it. n da only reason nightcrawler didnt wanna come back was bcuz he didnt wanna sit through 8 hours of puttin’ on make-up. n halle berry has 2 diff. opinions bout x-men movies, n she is hintin’ dat if storm gets a bigger part, she would do another x-men movie.

  33. X4 Should deffo have Sinister in it….maybe working on creating Cable to defeat apocalypse…could start with a flashback to victorian england, Nathan Essex starting to become sinister…then in the present he’s based in the Savage Land maybe , Marauders could be Sauron/Sabretooth/Juggernaut/Monolith/Blob/Toad/Emma frost/Destiny?

  34. I personally don’t think Charlies would have placed his mind in another persons body, he was way to ethical for that.. Jeans lesser evil subconcious self may have saved him at the last second instead of him doing it.. Also if “the cure” wasn’t permanant and is wearing off on all the mutants I know one mutant thats gonna be very unhappy with Magneto for leaving her behind when/if she does get her powers back. I think this last movie was just a pause in this X-men universe and not really the end.

  35. This won’t be the last. Theres too many unanswered questions. the secret scene, magneto moving the chess piece, night crawler, and they never acutually found cyclpops body. they found his glasses. he was probabley walking around in the woods w/ his eyes closed.

  36. i think that pheonix should have done more, i mean she acted like a veg. most of the time and it was only at the end she done something. saying that if i had my way the film would be like 12 hours long lol. i actually missed the scene at the end and now sit back for the credits in every film (NOTE THERE IS ONE IS PIRATES OF THE CARABIAN 2!)

    it would be crazy for them not to make a 4th and prob 5th there r so many fans they can really cash in and we can get Xmen Films We all win!

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