Sprint’s sour but healthy…


For those of you who are on Sprint, they seem to have rolled out a pretty interesting new “healthy” service which catches onto the “food porn” craze. You know what I’m talking about… those of us who just love snapping photos of food, especially well-decorated ones at fine dining restaurants. According to Sprint’s email today:

Sprint Picture Mail recently launched a new application called “MyFoodPhone“. Just take pictures or videos of your meals and a Nutritional Advisor will review the photos in your food journal and provide personalized feedback on your diet and eating habits. Nutrition video content is then selected to meet your specific health-and-fitness goals and presented in a simple, bi-weekly video message.

All these telcos are really try hard to cash in through mobile applications by coming up with new ways to make you spend on data charges. I haven’t really seen anything I really need and a lot of it seem purely for entertainment. While I do think that this health-related service is a step in the right direction, I really wonder how many nutritional advisors Sprint will be hiring just for this. I mean, we’re living in the age of image recognition (e.g. Riya, MyHeritage), so perhaps a more automated way of tracking the number of shrimps you’ve been eating might be a better solution. Anyway, see Sprint’s MyFoodPhone here

Aside: Why’s Sprint sour but healthy? For the sour part, read my thoughts in the comments…

4 thoughts on “Sprint’s sour but healthy…

  1. Remember the Samsung A920 which Sprint gave me?
    Frankly speaking I haven’t used it much.

    While it seems like a pretty decent multimedia phone, the internet connection on it doesn’t seem to work. The “Power Vision Network” thingy just doesn’t work at all. Even a trip to the neighborhood Sprint store proved to me one thing… that Sprint’s customer service is really bad. I kid you not that when I walked in, a furious customer had came out swearing at the Sprint customer service personel about how f@#ked up their billing system is.

    At that moment, I told Penny that I bet my phone won’t get fixed. After having them look at it for almost a week, true enough they returned it to me with everything reset and basically with the advice that I wait for the network update to come back on. It never did. It’s great as a phone, but I could never try the fancy stuff that came with it.

    Ironically, this whole fiasco made me appreciate T-mobile even more.

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