How much is that bloggie in the window?

How much are you worth?

You can find out your blog’s worth using these two online appraisal services: Technorati’s “How much is my blog worth?” and LeapFish’s Free Domain Appraisal Service. Since Technorati says this blog is worth $263,075.64, while LeapFish rates it a mere $34,202.00, I definitely wouldn’t mind settling somewhere in between.

What’s your blog worth?

Aside: Oh, just in case anyone’s interested in buying my…

26 thoughts on “How much is that bloggie in the window?

  1. Hey, thanks for the links to those two appraisal tools. I wonder what accounts for the vast difference in valuation between the two? But you’re right: something in the middle of those two numbers would indeed be nice!

  2. Panasianbiz: Here’s how the difference is accounted for…

    1. Technorati = Value of Content
    For technorati’s evaluation, many in the blogosphere say that traffic is not a good measure of what blogs are but that conversation. As such, representations by links and indexes like Technorati, represent a more accurate view of the value of a blog.

    2. LeapFish = Value of Domain Name
    LeapFish analyzes a domain name value through certain metrics such as whether it’s a Top Level Domain, whether it’s a word from the Dictionary, word length, as well as the search ranking/prominence on various search engines.

  3. hey! u’ve had the domain like… forever now!
    btw mine’s not too bad on leapfish either ­čÖé Can buy cheap car here…

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