AppZapper’s ZapGenie helps you find useless Mac apps

AppZapper's new ZapGenie feature

AppZapper’s new ZapGenie feature allows Mac users to browse their collection of apps, search them and sort them by the last time used. Now you can uninstall those apps you’ve barely used. Definitely a smart way to save space on your MacBook’s tiny hard drive!

5 thoughts on “AppZapper’s ZapGenie helps you find useless Mac apps

  1. Hey Kevin, what’s up? Thank you for your help on the plug in. I’m trying to get my blog up.. hopefully it will be as cool as your šŸ™‚

  2. Hopefully you will be able to help me. I haven’t been able to find an answer to my problem. Even the company that makes AppZapper hasn’t answered me. When I try and use ZapGenie all I get is a spiny thing that says “processing”. I’ve had the darn thing going for an hour and a half and that’s all it does. How long should it take for the zapgenie to give me my info? Thanks in advance for your help. heidi

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