Timelapse photography of Apple Store @ Fifth Ave

Apple Store, Fifth Ave

It’s like the Louvre museum in Paris, but cubed. I was wondering how they’d squeeze everyone in at first, until I realized everything was underground. Apple’s so proud of this store, they even did timelapse photography to show the crowds. Imagine, it’s open 24 hours for 365 days a year… they might as well double up as a diner and serve Apple-branded food.

Aside: Funny how the Da Vinci Code and our favorite computer company go hand in hand…

Aside 2: InfraredHerring has photos from inside the crowded Apple Store at 4am. Yes, 4am!

4 thoughts on “Timelapse photography of Apple Store @ Fifth Ave

  1. I. M. Pei would be happy and maybe a little angry. I wish they had a cafe like ikea. I love the lingonberry juice. apple should have apple juice.

  2. Gordon: You’re so right… a 24hr cafe would be so nice. All the Mac heads like us would totally hang out there to have meetups and chit chat!

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