Steve Jobs CNBC Interview @ 5th Ave. Apple Store

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was recently interviewed on CNBC to mark the opening of their new 24/365 store on 5th Avenue. I’m not sure who the reporter is, but she posed some very good questions.

Besides seeing what the store looks like inside, Steve Jobs also reveals…
– How this flagship Apple Store ended up in that prime location (think Prada and Gucci)
– How the 24hr store concept works (think Kinkos)
– The demographics Apple expects to cater to (50% Mac switchers)
– How Apple is trying to double their PC market share (to 10%)
– Why Intel instead of AMD for Macs?
– Whether an iPhone is really coming out

As Macaholic mentioned, check out the “Jetsons” cylindrical elevator moving up and behind Steve (around 3min 30sec). Someone’s playing with the elevator, but still… that’s HAWT!

8 thoughts on “Steve Jobs CNBC Interview @ 5th Ave. Apple Store

  1. i agree it’s a most excellent interview, but the interviewer said “10%” not steve, and the iphone stuff wasn’t supposed to be approved as a question, she is in trouble for that one!

  2. I didn’t get the connection between her iPod suffle and the iPhone. That was a dumb introduction to a question.
    Anyway, interesting interview. The glass cube looks amazingly hot.

  3. The ipod shuffle reference was a kissup statement before laying on an unapproved question. You can visibly tell Steve was NOT happy with that.

    That said… it was interesting that Steve mentioned that AMD was very good in the server space… I wonder what’s in store for the XServe?

  4. Apple shoud make a phone. Seriously.
    I mean, their design is clean and beautiful, and with
    their technology, they might make another hit with a phone.

    Also, How does the glass cube work?
    I saw in the picture, and I could see the building behind
    through the glass cube, and some of the buildings were
    reflected. And I don’t see an entrance….
    Someone please send a pic to explain this.

  5. Jobs glanced over the question about Apple’s goal for corporate computing where it’s a fly shit in a sea of PCs. The only way apple will increase it’s market share is by selling to the corporate world. Otherwise, 5 or 6% is where Apple caps off. The woman interviewer did a good job and asked Steve tough questions instead of serving up softballs as many reporters/inerveiwerd do today (which, sadly, many don’t these days) .

  6. to jobsego –

    actually, the home market is far larger than the business one. you are thinking back to the 1970’s, not the 2010’s. apple does well in business, but as steve has said, they wait for business to discover apple, not go after them. it’s a smart move, and will pay huge rewards once businesses finally swing to mostly macs.

  7. Steve mentioned Apple’s market share possibly going up by 5% (we just need to convince 5% more of the market to buy our product), and the interviewer quite rightly followed up with the idea that this would mean a goal of 10%. I don’t think she was overreaching.

    I have to say, though, that telling us to expect the answer to the iPhone question and letting us down like that was pretty sad. For those who haven’t seen the video, he just said he doesn’t comment on unannounced products šŸ™


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