theorycast.11 :: Three minutes with the MacBook

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As quietly as Apple released the new MacBooks, I quietly show you a video walkthrough of it. Frankly speaking, I thought I’d be the first to show a video of it, but CNet beat me to the punch. At least I get to show you the evil black one, so if you prefer to see a skinny Asian geek over a sleepy CNet chick, then watch mine instead. This is really meant for folks who don’t have an Apple Store close by but can’t wait to see more of it. I feel your pain!

In this theorycast special, I’ll answer the following:
1. How heavy is this darn thing?
2. Where do the sleep light and IR go?
3. Does it have the dreaded battery coin-latch?
4. Where are the magnetic latch?
5. How does the new keyboard feel?
6. How does the glossy screen look?
7. How’s the built-in iSight camera?
8. How does Xbench rate this MacBook?
9. How fast does iMovie HD go?
10. How fast does iPhoto 6 go?

Update: On a somewhat related note, watch these workers literally peel open the new Apple Cube Store along 5th Ave in Manhattan, New York.

16 thoughts on “theorycast.11 :: Three minutes with the MacBook

  1. Great Video! well done… I went to the Apple store the day of release and played with the black MB and found everything you said to be true, especially the Sony Vaio part 😉


  2. Just picked up a white 2.0 for the wifey last nite – needless to say the machine is spectacular and wifey loves it.

  3. Great video Kevin! I’ve started liking the Black version more and more. And you definitely need more than 512MB of RAM to see any decent performance. =D

  4. oh wow, thanks kev, somehow, i just ended up laughing throughout the video instead.. 😛

    at least i know i have to modify that lappy now ^_^ thank you 😀

  5. as in the past, wifey hands me down her 12inch powerbook, and who knows what will happen with the ibook that she handed me prior.

    we are experiencing some very strange power shut off issues – as soon as we can replicate it, I’ll post more on it – I think we may have a lemon on our hands…

  6. amazing vid really informative
    great song too but what abt the heat ppl have been complaning abt???

  7. Clive: The MacBook seem to have less of the heat issue now. In fact, after applying Apple’s SMC firmware update, even the MacBook Pros have dropped in temperature also.

  8. FYI – the Apple Store in Stonestown Galleria (San Francisco) was kind enough to replace my wife’s MB – the genius bar decided it was indeed DOA due to power issues. No problems yet with the replacement unit.

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