Flickr goes through MAJOR revamp…

flickr Gamma

With all kinds of new photo-sharing sites cropping up, Flickr’s finally gone through a major (and I mean MAJOR) revamp it so needs. Gone are the slow load times paging through all your photos, and in with all the AJAX goodness. There are drop-down menus everywhere for getting around fast, as well as “drag and drop” slickness in the new batch photo organizer. Here’s a quick run-down of new features via FlickrBlog:

Look for new navigation menus in the top navigation bar: You, Organize, Contacts, Groups, Explore.

When you search from the main navigation bar, you’ll be looking through the titles, tags & descriptions of all the photos on Flickr. You’ll see that you can zero in on your photos or photos from one of your contacts too, and sort the results in a few different ways on the search results page.

Person Menu
You can access the new Person Menu by moving your mouse over someone’s Buddy Icon.

Double Click and Drag & Drop are your friends when you’re using Organizr. We’ve also added a new section to the FAQ called “The Organizr” where you’ll see that each area of the Organizr has been highlighted and explained, so that’s a good place to start to orient yourself with the new workspace.

Thomas Hawk has an in-depth review of Flickr’s improvements, which warrants their update from beta to gamma version.