Everyone’s graduating… except me!

Singaporean UB Graduation BBQSarah's Graduation BBQ

Over the weekend, everyone was partying. On the left you’ll see the photo set for fellow Singaporeans in Buffalo, while on the right you’ll see my cohort in the communication department at UB. Both were graduation celebrations and both decided to do it BBQ-style. Me? At this rate I’ll never get done… I’ll be spending the rest of my life in a prison without walls. 😛

6 thoughts on “Everyone’s graduating… except me!

  1. The learning journey truely begins the moment u graduate and start working. School is simply preparing one for that, equipping oneself with the necessary analytical skills and foundations. At least you are allow to make mistakes during school days, try doing that in the working world. I need to get back to my books too, exams is near.

  2. takchek: As they say, such people are called “Professional Students”. I doubt I’ll ever want to be one (thus, excuse the “prison” notion), though I know of some who are and seem to be doing well with numerous non-bonding scholarships and grants. Seriously speaking, I never envisioned myself going as far as I am now… I always thought of myself rolling in benjamins while running my own MNC, or something to that effect! 😛

  3. not to add to your pain but – I’m graduating tomorrow as well!


    nevermind – I never thought I’d make it either, and mine was just a 3yr Masters 🙂

    you’ll get there… and then you’ll be kind of sad that it’s all done.

    (no seriously, you will!)

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