Cultural Artifact: White Rabbit Candy

Cultural Artifact: White Rabbit Candy

You can safely claim you’re Chinese if you remember eating this when you were young. The White Rabbit milk candy was not only delicious, but fun because it had edible paper wrapper around the candy. I never noticed how the rabbits were actually high-fiving each other as seen above. Pretty funky rabbits! (via Virtual China)

8 thoughts on “Cultural Artifact: White Rabbit Candy

  1. Oi oi the white rabbit candy, is really a fantastic candy which i grew up eating. It’s milky and creamy, and sorta melts in your mouth as you constantly chew on it. And even if you dont chew on it…it’ll still melt in your mouth. Lovely stuff. The edible paper never ceases to amaze me as well-i’d try to tear it off to eat it first to figure out whats it but couldnt figure it out even till today.

    Future generations will know about it only if we keep it alive, and play an active role in introducing it to them. Come to think of it, the manufacturers should also update their stock. It’s been the same flavor for quite some time, maybe can come up with choc or strawberry flavored ones, add more aggressive marketing and advertising VOILA!!! Ha ha.

    But then again, need to be balance as a sweet like that will forever remain a sweet -to be eaten for fun only.


  2. I never notice that the wrapper had bunnie hi-fiving each other…its just seemed like a design. Very good candy..Eating some right now, and bought it at a local oriental story in Oregon. Yum.

  3. Just bought a big bag and got my colleagues here hooked to eating it. Got introduced to these candies in Bangkok, and now living in the Hague, the Netherlands, am happy to have found them at the Asian shop in the city center!!!

  4. PLEASE DO NOT EAT THIS CANDY!!!! THIS CANDY IS TAINTED WITH THE CHEMICAL CALLED MELAMINE. 54,000 infants already affected and 4 confirmed dead in China.

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