One of the surprises of life is…

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For some reason this was the word of the day. Between our families, someone elder just passed away. Though we were not terribly close to the person in passing, we felt the effect throughout the evening.

On today’s episode of Lost, unexpected twists occurred leading to more sudden “deaths”. One of the themes which seemed timely was about the meaning of life.

Just over on Jean’s Rice And Soup blog, she also tells a solemn tale of a childhood friend suddenly passing while on a challenging scuba diving trip. Only today did she realize he had just proposed to his loved one the night before.

Jean wrote about how she now thinks twice before doing anything dangerous. She believes that “Bernard’s death is a precious lesson to the rest of us surviving mortals that a false sense of security does many a time lead to tragedy”.

Life is all about the unexpected, and of all the surprises, one of the things I used to worry about was death. I still do today, but much less. I console myself with that fact that if I made each day count, at least I won’t regret it if I had to go. This is perhaps why it makes perfect sense to be careful, but not to the point where you devoid your life of joy.

While Jean reminds us not to take life for granted, I’m just reminding everyone to also live life to the fullest. Yes, I believe you can do both.

2 thoughts on “One of the surprises of life is…

  1. ah yes, the surprises of life. i agree with numetal, and may i just boldly add as well, to “die with no regrets” ­čÖé abit farfetch perhaps, but not utterly impossible. after all, if we live life to the fullest, then we should be able to die with no regrets.

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