Beyond Broadcast conference this weekend!

Beyond Broadcast conference @ Harvard Law SchoolI hate it when interesting events like these slip by me; I didn’t even hear about this until just now from a fellow blogger!

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School is opening for Beyond Broadcast on May 12th to 13th (this weekend!).

This conference will basically explore the thesis that traditional public media — public broadcasting, cable access television, etc — face a unique opportunity to embrace new participatory web-based media models — podcasting, video blogs, social software, etc — and create a stronger and more vital public service.

The goal of this convening is to create an opportunity for interaction between active participants in traditional public media and new participatory web-based efforts; to showcase and discuss the latest projects and models emerging faster than anyone can keep track of; and to cultivate a shared understanding of the potential and meaning of a renewed public media role.

I really need a strong network of researchers interested in the same socio-tech issues as me, are there any groups/mailing list I should know of?

2 thoughts on “Beyond Broadcast conference this weekend!

  1. hey kevin
    my partner Kenyatta Cheese runs an online blog group on
    one of the bloggers from ITP is the sponsor for the conference.
    it’s a good blog to read cuz they always give alerts for cool conf. Also subscribe to the blogger’s personal blogs – they are also just as cool..
    hope that helps! I’ll take notes for you

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