New York City: A Different Experience Everytime…

This New York City photo set is arranged in chronological sequence

Everytime we visit New York City, it’s always a new experience. Having stayed at different locations each time, we embed ourselves into distinct neighborhoods, each offering a different lense upon which we gaze at the Big Apple. For this recent trip, we stayed with our Singaporean friend who lives in the upper west side of Manhattan, not far from the medical campus of Columbia University.

While this trip involved lots of feasting (dim sum!) and shopping (H&M stores, Woodbury outlets), it was a good time to catch up with some of our friends too. I first met up with Elvin Tan in the SOHO district… a friend I knew from my days. He showed me a demo of his new Web service and let’s just say that I saw dollar signs after playing with it. I was promised an interview with him once his exciting new venture goes live. Having known me in the early days, he asked me where my entrepreneurial spirit went, to which I promptly replied “it was gone since I went into grad school”.

On Friday I caught up with my academic advisor and blogologist, Alex Halavais. He’s made studying the blogosphere exciting for me but both of us agree I’d better finish ASAP. He’s done with the University at Buffalo and moved on to better things. Meanwhile I’m his only Buffalo-liability left, so the pressure is on!

In all Penny and I had a great time and we have to thank Ian for taking good care of us. We wish him all the best in his quest for a girlfriend. As he jokingly says: “It gets lonely at the top…”

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