There’s no escaping the Singapore Elections…

WP Rally Serangoon on May 5th 2006
Click to see massive wide-angle photo of the Serangoon WP rally crowd on May 5th 2006

Even on vacation, there’s no escape from the news of elections back home.

I got this photo via anonymous email so I tried to check if it was lifted from some other blogger… I haven’t found out who took this, but you’d have to agree, it’s amazing! Above is the crowd at Serangoon Stadium on May 5th (few hours ago), that passionately recited the Singapore pledge at the Opposition Party’s rally. It’s said that this crowd was even bigger than their earlier Hougang rally!

Meanwhile, you can read more about this recent rally via Otterman Speaks…, who also has links to relevant blogs covering this recent rally.

After talking to a few Singaporean friends, they tend to say that it’s the same every year. Bigger crowds might show up for the opposition rallies, but in the end, most of them would vote for the PAP simply because they want security. Although I never heard it myself, I was referred to a popular saying which appeared on QQ*librarian’s blog: “Everybody wants an opposition to be voted, but nobody wants the opposition in their own ward”.

Ouch. A “no win” situation.

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  1. I never really followed the previous elections much, but thanks to fellow bloggers, you can really see everything that goes on from the comfort of your home, even if your home were hundreds of thousands of miles aways from Singapore! šŸ™‚

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