CurrentStatus: Dim Sum in NYC


Penny and I arrived in New York City last night and are having Dim Sum this morning at Jing Foong, a supposedly highly rated chinese eatery. I’m having dizzy spells for some reason and I couldn’t sleep all night. Everytime I come to NYC, I always fall ill. Strange. More juicy Singaporean stories to share when I get back tonight…

3 thoughts on “CurrentStatus: Dim Sum in NYC

  1. North of CP too. I do wish New Yorkers would pee in proper pee-places. It’s an epidemic. And, by the way, the Chinese delivery guys seem to be major contributors here.

    BTW, Kevin, I am assuming you have a busy social calendar during your visit, but if you want to catch a lunch, just let me know. Otherwise we’ll talk virtually (soon, yes?).

  2. well, maybe you are like me.canberra’s more of a country town, whenever i go sydney i just turn very very sick almost instantly from the smoke, traffic and lifestyle.

    on another note: i still love flock’s colours, too much infact.

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