Woke up to more alternative soup…

Toilet by gretchl2000

I woke up today with a groggy head, a queasy stomach and general state of confusion. I don’t know why, but I told my partner how at any moment, I could be singing to the toilet bowl. It wasn’t until I checked my email that my symptoms slowly dissipated…

FROM: Unknown
TO: Kevin
SUBJECT: Celebration
DATE: May 2, 2006

If you are tired of MediaCorp and our local newspapers, check these out (from the ground):

Quite a complete site (videos and pixs)

This pix is scary. Bigger than the May Day Rally or MayDay Concert at the Padang

Using heartlander’s lingo to expound his thoughts. This Ah Beng is funny but sensible most times.
Explicit Hokkien vulgarities, not suitable for kids

Reliable site to check out on the hit rate on Singapore Election. People ARE watching!

SteveChia’s questions in parliament

Film on CheeSoonJuan by MartynSee – Singapore Rebel

Talking cock has stopped crowing as of now until after the Election but their stuff is fun otherwise.

Singaporeans are now very intelligent and well-travelled. They CAN think for themselves. The views expressed by these sites are their own. You make your own final judgement of the kinds of guardians/trustees you want for Singapore.

Forward to your friends who are too busy with their ‘bread and butter’ issues / or study. They need to know…from both sides of the coin, to pick their final choice before Election Day on Sat, May 6.

Majulah Singapura 🙂

This email started circulating today and contains an interesting linkfest to alternative perspectives. Interestingly, as someone with less access to Singapore television and newspapers, I end up reading more personal blogs for current affairs. Perhaps it’s time for the PAP get into blogging and podcasting, instead of shunning it altogether.

UPDATE: NexLabs has some nifty charts on the topics bloggers seem to be most interested in during this elections (via Tomorrow.sg).

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