Nonsense of the Day: Chinese Mountain Song Music Video

Despite their weird body gestures, they are not convulsing from brain damage, but actually singing and dancing as part of a karaoke video produced in China. From what I’ve determined so far, they are legally sane and have gone on to produce a series of these mind-numbing music videos. Watch carefully as each of them perform acts of logic-defying moves. If that weren’t enough, if you thought the guy’s singing wasn’t bad enough, listen a few more second in for the ear-piercing screech from the lady on the left.

DarkLancer, a YouTube user, explains what they are “singing” about:
The first part essentially talks about a married guy fancying for a girl, and the girl somehow seduces the guy while warning him that his wife may discover the affair. The guy indicates that he is not afraid. The second part of thi pretty long song goes on to talk about sex. In any case, their entire series of music videos seems to be talking about sex.

If anyone has more information on this trio, please contact me so I can sign them on for a movie deal. Ah, it’s times like these that I love being Chinese. Thanks a lot Nelson for such quality links!

2 thoughts on “Nonsense of the Day: Chinese Mountain Song Music Video

  1. hi, just saw ur website n this post…
    They are called “shan ge san ren zhu” ????? by the china forum ppl. the forum ppl also created a clan call ??? to “worship” them. (just for fun)
    There used to be a website where they got interviewed by the Sina chinese website host. but the link is down…
    They are from Yunnan, and what they are performing is a cultural type of folksong. ????.
    that ‘s all ~

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