Post-it note tagging meme spreads to TILW2.0

Emerging Tech Librarian Ken Fujiuchi has been producing an interesting series of workshops entitled “Teaching Information Literacy with Web 2.0” or TILW2.0 for short. Not too far off my Web 2.0 Workshop series, Ken also talks about incorporating Web 2.0 technology into education and has been rethinking how he teaches his Library Instruction courses. It seems that he’s been focused on developing “Information Literacy” over “Library Use”, which makes sense to me since it might appeal to the layman more for practicality beyond the library setting, and into the holistic world view.

His latest venture was at the EDUCAUSE 2006 conference, where he presented a poster session using his TILW2.0 workshop series. Lots of pretty slides illustrating information literacy through various representations on freely accessible Web 2.0 services, including the visual thesaurus, blogpulse, newsmap, buzztracker, music-map. A complimentary activity he had his participants perform mimicked my post-it note party trick, which involved people “real-world tagging” their environment using post-it notes.

Definitely check out his post for a photo slideshow of how his party went down.

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