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On theorycast, I talk to Web 2.0 trendsetters about their services/products, their inspirations, what they hope to achieve and where they see everything going. My goal is to look for “disruptiveness” in our immediate media space.

For today’s episode, I interview Noah Bonnett, executive producer of 88Slide is a daily 1min trivia videocast that’s making waves in the podcasting world. What’s interesting is that Noah came from the traditional broadcast industry, where he started as an assistant to the Senior Vice President of Non-Scripted Programming at Sony Pictures Television. He then went on to produce many game and reality formats for network, cable, and syndication. Why the shift from a comfy broadcasting career to independent videocasting?

In this theorycast, you’ll hear the following chapters:
1. Start
2. Introductions
3. What is 88Slide?
4. Why broadcast to videocasting?
5. How much $ per videocast episode?
6. Authenticity = Interestingness
7. Broadcast vs. Personal Media (see Bridge Ratings Audience Erosion Study 2005)
8. Why the name 88Slide?
9. How did you grow viewership?
10. Noah’s “thank you” speech
11. Keep it Simple. Keep it Short.

If you’re interested, you can subcribe to 88Slide via iTunes or visit their behind-the-scenes blog at

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