Fast OS Switching with Virtue Desktops and Parallels

Virtue Desktops + Parallels = Multi OS switcher!

Here’s something fun you can do with your MacBook Pro. If you have Parallels (Intel Mac virtualization app) installed, you can use Virtue Desktops turn your Mac into a fancy multi OS machine, complete with slick “on-the-fly” OS switching (via Digg)! In fact, it’s so slick that the Parallels development team has decided to make this a reality in their next public beta.

Watch this video demo if you’re not convinced.

2 thoughts on “Fast OS Switching with Virtue Desktops and Parallels

  1. Hi kevin , this looks neat. but i wanted to know will this concept work between windows and linux machines on a non-mac based system. What i wanna do is that both the OS should be running and i should be able to switch between these two OS.

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